How to edit the Menu Page

In order to edit Pages, you must first be logged into your website's Dashboard.

  1. Once logged in, you can edit the Menu page by going to Entries > Singles > Menu.
  2. The Menu Builder allows you to add new Menu Sections and new Menu Items. A Menu Section is the header for a new section of menu items (i.e. Drinks, Appetizers, etc). A Menu Items section is the list of menu items for each Menu Section.
  3. To add a new Menu Section click the + Menu Section button under the current list of menu sections/items. 
  4. To add a new Menu Items section click the Menu Items button under the current list of menu sections/items. 
  5. Menu Items sections will have a Left Column and a Right Column text area for you to add items to both columns on the page.
  6. To differentiate an item name from its description, make sure the description is on the line below the item name, highlight the name, click the Formatting button (the backwards P button shown below), and select Header 3 from the dropdown. 
  7. After you make any changes, make sure to Save the page with the button on the right side of the page. 
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