How to send an email campaign

In order to send an email campaign, you must first be logged into your website's Dashboard.

  1. Once logged in, go to the Email Marketing tab in your Dashboard.
  2. Click on the Campaigns tab and click the Create a new campaign button (or the Get Started button if this is your first time creating a campaign).
  3. Name your Campaign - this is an internal label, so name it something that you will remember.
  4. Add a subject line - this is what subscribers will see in their inbox as the email subject.
  5. Add the name (yours or the company name) and email you want the email to show as being from.
  6. Add the email replies should go to.
  7. Select a template for your campaign - this is the look of the email.
  8. You will then edit the template, and add the content and layout for the email campaign.
  9. When your email is ready, you will click the Define recipients button, and select which list you want to send the email campaign to.
  10. You can then preview or test the campaign - add your email address to test the email to make sure it looks and works like you want it to.
  11. Then you can schedule your campaign to be sent later, or click the Send campaign now button to send it right then.
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