How to edit a page (general)

In order to view or edit your Pages, you must first be logged into your website's Dashboard.

  1. Once logged in, you can find your pages under Entries > Singles.
  2. To edit a page, click on the title of the page you want to edit.
  3. Here you can edit the different sections of the page. They are all labeled and have instructions for each section. All sections with a red asterisk are required to be filled.
  4. If you would like to see the changes you make to the page happen in real time, click the Live Preview button at the top right of the page. 
  5. The editor window will shrink to the left, and your page preview will appear to the right of the editor window. Any changes to make in the editor window will appear in real time to the right in the preview, so you can see what your changes will look like.
  6. When you've finished making changes, click the Save button in the right side of the page (under the Live Preview button). 
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